Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's OK

I've decided that it's OK...

- to not like wheat bread. I know it's healthy, but you know what? I get more than enough of the good-for-you stuff. I want my sandwich on a non-wheat roll. Preferably a hard roll.

- to worry that my feet will grow when I have kids (it happened to my mom) and I won't fit in any of my beautiful shoes anymore. (Although, what a great excuse for a shoe shopping spree!)

- to own a Celine Dion greatest hits CD. What?

- to not answer the phone sometimes. Caller ID is a wonderful thing.

- to have conversations with the dog. He might not talk back, but he's a great listener.

- to wish that My So-Called Life was still on TV. Even just in syndication.

- to enjoy it when Michael works on a Friday evening. Bad TV + a new magazine + no one to tell me the show sucks = sweet.

- to tell myself repeatedly that muscle weighs more than fat.


Ripe for Reading said...

Sigh...My So-Called Life was a great show. Bummer.

Clink said...

I miss My So-Called Life too. And I also enjoy the rare night when the Boy has to work and I get to read US and watch The Hills and eat ice cream and indulge myself. PS - Love the new masthead.

sassafras said...

Yes! I loved that show.
Dogs are superb listeners but not so great with advice. Unfortunately for me.

Princess Taj said...

I love bad tv!!! You are not alone!

junki3 said...

My so-called life was NOT bad tv! Bite your tongue! And oh yeah... http://www.yourtvlinks.com/

I hope the links work. Sometimes the shows get pulled. You're welcome!

sandra said...

My So-Called Life IS on TV in syndication! I used to DVR it, in fact (yes, really).

Alissa said...

Ummmm... I DVRd My So Called Life too and can I tell you that I was devastated when they moved it to MTV because in my house? We were not allowed to watch MTV. I remember there were dramatics - crying, screaming about how the show changed my life and I can't live without etc.... it didn't help.

I think it's on ABC's Family Channel?

Also, love the daffodils on the masthead! I can see mine peeking through the ground!

Molly said...

Why didn't I know MSCL was still on TV???

Junki- you misunderstood me. I said I a)wish MSCL was still on TV (because I loved it) and b) I like to watch bad TV on Fridays. Specifically, Ghost Whisperer.

Alissa- My daffodils are coming up too! I'm so happy!

Sasha said...

It is ok! It is actually awesome! :)