Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just What I Needed

Remember when I talked about how glorious it would be to work from home? I was right. My boss, being the awesome boss he is, suggested that since I was going to spend the majority of my day writing my magazine pieces, if I felt like working from home today he'd be OK with that.

I felt like it.

Especially after our big move yesterday, I could use a little time away from the desk. And today has been every bit as wonderful as I thought it would be. I woke up at 7 as usual, showered and made myself look pretty. I've been in this state for awhile and there's one thing I still hadn't done. Gotten my Rhode Island license. So after primping and straightening my hair, I was off to the DMV. I was out of there pretty quickly (shock) with my new (temporary paper) license in hand. All that primping was a waste of time. The picture ain't that great. Of course.

A part of me was sad to hand over my New York license. No matter how long I live here, I will always consider myself a New Yorker. It's who I am. It's why I pronounce dog "daawg" and coffee "cawffee", why I throw my hands up in irritation and bad drivers "what are you DOing??" and refuse to eat my sandwich on a bulkie roll. That's what they call a roll in Rhode Island. I don't want a bulkie roll. I want a HARD roll. (Side note: when I first went to college I ordered a sandwich on a hard roll in the dining hall. The woman looked at me and said, "Oh no, dear. Our bread is fresh." Um...right.)

Afterwards, I dropped off my car for an oil change like a responsible adult. A responsible adult who may or may not have waited almost 6,000 miles for an oil change. I know, I know. I was back home by 9:30 and with my grande soy chai latte by my side, and was ready to work.

And work I did. I had a phone interview with a hilarious woman for a piece I'm writing and by the end of the conversation I kind of wanted to be her friend. That's weird, right? I couldn't help it, she was awesome. And she works from home as a freelance writer. And is having a baby. And is funny. She should blog.

I just finished the piece. I had so much information and I thought I would never pull it together. But I did...and I like it! Maybe it's because it's on one of my favorite topics: Weddings.

Which brings me to now. I'm thinking lunch since it's after two and I haven't snacked all day! Another plus! Then it's one more piece to write.

I know this won't be an all the time thing, but if I could do this, even once in awhile, I'd be really happy. I'm actually looking forward to going in to work tomorrow since today has been productive while also relaxing.



Clink said...

A bulkie roll? That's just plain crazy.

Also - I didn't know you were originally from NY! Whereabouts?

Mike said...

Well, perhaps as a thank you to your wonderful boss, you should bring in a piece of lemon loaf tomorrow when you stop at starbucks.....i'm just sayin'. I bet he would like that. A lot.

daily editor said...

Sounds like a productive day!

RusticateGirl said...

Mike has a great idea, good thinking LOL. Working from home is great, agreed. If you can do both - office sometimes/home sometimes, you'll have the best of both worlds.

Sasha said...

Oh my... can I have your boss? :)

Sounds like it was a great day! Congrats. And heres to hoping for many more !

Anna said...

I just don't get this New England bulkie roll business. Of course it is a hard roll!

Now, if your roll was long instead of round, would you call it a

a) sub roll
b) grinder roll
c) hoagie roll
d) wedge roll

I'm not sure where the geographic lines are drawn regarding wedges, but it's possible our corners of New York are close enough for you to laugh at this one:

I was traveling with my high school cross-country team overnight, and ordered a chicken parmigiana wedge at the big dinner out. I was, of course, looking for chicken parm on a ROLL. The waitress looked at me strangely, and brought me a wedge-shaped piece of breaded chicken with some sauce and cheese.
And wondered why I was laughing when she set it down in front of me...