Thursday, February 01, 2007


I called my sweet, handsome, college educated boyfriend yesterday to ask him to take two pieces of chicken out of the freezer so I could make something for dinner.

I got home around 5:40, said my hellos to Michael and the dog and walked into the kitchen to determine if the chicken was fully defrosted.

Then I stopped.

Sitting on the counter was not chicken, but a pork chop and a piece of talapia.

I walk into the living room holding the half-frozen not-chicken.

"Michael, this isn't chicken."

"It's not?"

"No, it's a pork chop and fish."

"Huh. I thought that chicken looked like fish."
Did I mention he has a Bachelor's of Science?


sassafras said...

I am totally cracking up right now. HAHAHA! I'd love to know what you made for dinner!

Molly said...

Leftovers! I mean really, what can you do after that? Chicken tonight. =)

Clink said...

God makes them cute so that when they do ridiculous things like that, we can't be mad at them. Same goes for dogs & babies.

amanda said...

That's totally the kind of thing my husband would do! Either that or he'd take a bunch of other stuff out of the freezer while looking for the chicken and then forget to put any of it back.

Domestic Goddess said...

too funny. Isn't it great that the expensive book smarts don't translate into real life practicality!

Alissa said...

This totally cracked me up. Evan would do this.