Monday, November 13, 2006

So I Guess This Is Growing Up

It was really nice to have Boobeski come visit. The minute she walked in the door it was like we were right back at 38 BP. After catching up we immediately started reminiscing about the beginning of our friendship. There were a lot of "I can't believe I did that" moments followed by lots of laughter. How is it possible that we've been friends for almost six years?

As promised, the evening included good food and good drinks with Michael and his friend from work. The four of us laughed and talked (I'd like to say late into the evening...but it wasn't really that late. We were tired...we work now!) and had a really nice time.

The next day we went shopping. And while I didn't buy any shoes, (I know, I'm shocked too) I left with a nice assortment clothes.

Work clothes? What's happening to me? When did deciding what to wear to work become more important than finding a cute top to go with those great jeans? When did I start putting the fabulous coat back on the hanger because I should really use that money for Christmas presents? How did professionalism, practicalism and fiscal savviness creep into my life without me knowing it? And why is it showing its ugly face while I'm shopping?!

Sure, I'm not old. My boss will read this and say, "you're so 23." But to me, this is change.

Last night I took a late night run to CVS. Late night errands always remind me of college...Wendy's, Dunkin', Cumberland Farms...and I was feeling nostalgic for my friends.

I went in and headed for the sign marked Hosiery. I inwardly groaned as I walked down the aisle. Hosiery. Hosiery? Hosiery! I haven't worn stockings since, I don't know, middle school? OK, maybe not that long ago but I really couldn't remember the last time. I don't wear stockings. Grown ups wear stockings. I am not a grown up.

But despite what Glamour says, I cannot get away with bare legs all winter at work. I'm fair skinned. We're talking super-light. Bare legs + winter = legs look like a cadaver. Let's not even go there. Plus, I'm always cold. If I want to continue to wear adorable skirts and dresses, stockings must make an appearance.

So there I am, standing in front of rows and rows of various colors of hosiery and completely stumped. What do I buy? What is the difference between Off Black, Soft Black and Black Mist? It look me 15 minutes to pick out two pairs. Fifteen minutes. Seriously.

So here I am, pondering where my adolescence went and wearing my stockings and crossing my fingers that I don't put a run in them.

I can totally see a quarter-life crisis in my future.


Dani said...

you are totally me like a year ago. I actually had my mid life crisis at 24. I ddidn't know what to do. I went through panic attacks and depression all w/ in a 2 week period, haha I know. Then I realizeed, what the hell is wrong w/ me. I was always the chick who said I didn't mind getting older, but all of a sudden that whole going to work thing was taking over. "oh sorry guys, I have to be up early, I can't go out tonight.' WHAT THE HELL? Anyways, the easiest way to get through it is to continue to buy those cutte shirts because there are still nights and weekends when they can be worn. Work is only from what, 9-5? You'll get through it. :)

daily editor said...

I had to pick out stockings at CVS for my Halloween costume (flight attendant) and my friend and I thought that the white ones would be best and totally complete the cheese factor of the costume. Sadly, we saw one of our coworkers wearing ones just like them the next day at work. Yikes! Talk about a cadaver...

Domestic Goddess said...

you are growing up and getting so responsible. You are going to win over your future MIL yet!!

Your Boss said...

You are so 23. Predictable, I know. But, I will offer you this. 25 was a big birthday for me. Yes, i can remember that far back. It was big because there's nothing. You're not 16, 18 or 21. Or, god forbid, 30. You're just 25. Which means nothing. Which is why it sucked. But, in the meantime, be happy that you are so 23.

stacey said...

hi. i am procrastinating because I am supposed to be writing a conference proposal on multiple inteligences. obviously your blog is better than that. by the way, be glad you're not 24. and will be 25 in about 6 months. yep. 25. Did I mention that I had to wear nylons to a conference last week? and it gets worse. I liked how they looked.

your mom said...

old? old? be glad those pantyhose are covering white cadaver legs and not varicose veins.... :-)

amanda said...

I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that my best friend and I just had a big talk about how you can track your life by your fashion choices. She's a manager at Saks, so she's a big fashionista, but recently realized she's continued to buy "going out" clothes even though she almost NEVER goes out anymore. Realizing she had to stop buying stuff she never wears was hugely depressing for her - even worse than turning 30! It was like the end of an era.

My only goal is to never wear momjeans or sweat pants.