Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Because Reading Is Good For The Mind

Every day I receive about 40 emails from a service that compiles topics that writers are working on and gives them access to possible sources (like me.) Basically, if the topic applies to my work, I respond.

On average I read through hundreds of topics each day ranging from financial to health to business. And every now and then a topic jumps out at me as really weird. So for your enjoyment, I've compiled some of my favorites from the last two days. With comments. Of course.

And remember, these are topics for articles you might very well read one day. By real writers. In real publications.

Fabulous Funerals
I don't know about you, but I wouldn't usually catagorize a funeral as fabulous. What makes a funeral fabulous? Do you have to make a special request to have a fabulous funeral? It there going to be a special on E! about fabulous funerals? Because I'm not going to lie, I might watch it. And how do I make sure that my own funeral will be fabulous?

Female Facial Hair
Not quite as captivating as Fabulous Funerals and to be honest I'm not sure I'd want to read this article. Maybe it's because I'm not a sufferer of female facial hair. Maybe it's because there's a thousand and one commercials for ways to get rid of it! Forever! Or maybe it's because I find it hard to believe someone could devote a whole article to the topic.

Companies That Engage Employees With Words
As opposed to engaging us with pictures and candy and shiny things and puppies. Ooooooh soft puppy. Must work harder....

Daddy Lit
Like Chick Lit? For dads? So instead of a novel about a sexy and single girl in the city it's about...? Dads? Do men want to read this?

Self Esteem and Girls: Overcoming the Curse
The Curse! If only someone had written an article when I was in middle school about my self esteem and how I could overcome the Curse. If only! My whole life could have been different. And such wisdom I could have passed on about the Curse! In fact, the Curse would become only an urban legend that we told our own children. "You think you have it bad? When I was your age I had to walk five miles to school in the snow with no shoes and I WAS CURSED!"

Recruiting New Nuns
Is this a how-to guide? In case I wanted to recruit my own nuns? And once recruited, could we do fun things, like make an all-nun softball team?

Male Attorney Fashions
Because when picking my attorney, the most important thing is who he's wearing. I will settle for nothing less than Prada.

How to be OK Without Being Nice
Now this I would read. How to be OK Without Being Nice...To Your Future Mother In Law.

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sassafras said...

That was pretty fun! I too am intrigued by the fabulous funerals article. Is the funeral the new wedding?