Thursday, December 07, 2006


While laying in bed last night:

Me: Stop it. You're being glib.

Him: "Glib" is not a word.

M: Yes it is!

H: Yeah, just like "glob" is a word.

M: Glob is a word!

H: Ohh look at you, fancy editing lady. I meant like glib, glob.

M: What?

H: Be quiet.

---- Silence ----

M: This is so going in the blog!

H: No it's not!

Haha. I win.


Clink said...

'Fancy editing lady.' SO CUTE.

Tito said...

Obviously Him didn't see Tom Cruise ripp Matt Lauer a new one. Tom called Matt glib. Matt laughed.

sassafras said...

I love in bed conversations. For some reason they are just the best. I think it's something about a comfort zone. Or sleep deprivation. Who knows.