Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Still Here

I'm still here. I'm not sure if you missed me or not, but since I post every weekday perhaps someone thought it odd that it's been almost two days since you heard from me.

Yesterday we packed up our office. Today we moved.

I'm not too happy about it.

My old office was great. Hardwood floors, my own little space with a window that overlooked the street (allowing me to spy on who came in late, who went to lunch with whom and what everyone was wearing,) and sun. Glorious morning sun that heated the chilly room and wonderful afternoon sun that made the space cheery and inviting.

My new office is neither cheery nor inviting. There is no morning sun to warm the chill. As a matter of fact, the room is freezing. Turns out there is some afternoon sun which is the silver lining in an otherwise gray situation. There are no hardwood floors (although perhaps they're under the carpet?) and we're right across from the bathroom.

My boss (who shares an office with me) came up with a slogan for the day: "From the penthouse to the outhouse." Basically, we got shafted. And while I'm trying to make the best of it, I'm not dealing entirely well yet. My life report card would say, "Molly plays well with others, but needs improvement accepting change."

So, yeah. Freaking A, this sucks.

I'm going to go hang a poster or something. Maybe that will help.


sassafras said...

Oh yuck.
Maybe you can use it as an excuse to get something fun for your new office?

Alissa said...

Balls! Maybe you should keep plugging the benefits of working from home.

Ripe for Reading said...

Buy a plant--or better yet flowers. Those can always lift the spirits.

I sit in the only cube in my department in the smack center of a dozen offices whereby I hear everything and see only the walls which consume my desk. Blah.

Oh, and yes, I missed your daily posts!